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The first time I heard about RCWhatsApp, I wondered why would people even go with this modded version of WhatsApp when we already have a ton of other mods available on the Internet. After using it myself, I found some interesting options and features that makes it entirely different from any other WhatsApp mods.

Also, the options bar to switch between the status tab, calls tab and camera tab is move to the bottom in iOS while it is at the top in Android.

By now, you must also be equally interested to try out the new features available in RCWhatsApp, right?

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I tried downloading the. Once you have both the files with then follow the step by step instructions mentioned below to install RCWhastApp and get that cool looking iOS WhatsApp in your Android device.

I have also included a video tutorial on the same from our official YouTube channel so that you will get better clarity on that. Whenever a new version of RcYoWhatsApp gets released, we will instantly update the newly updated version here in this article. Even after the new update, you can click the exact same link and it will take you to the page where you can download the latest version of RCYOWhatsApp.

Download YoWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 8.26 For Android 2020

Step 2: Once downloaded, click on the installer and tap on the install button. It might take a little longer based on your Android device configuration. There is some report that the installation is taking a little too long, like 1 minute or so. Step 4: Now the registration screen will show up. This is no different from the official WhatsApp registration form. Everything from start to end simple and straight forward.

Now, you are done with the installation part of RCWhatsApp.

yowhatsapp themes xml

And now here comes the pretty big deal. After you are done with installing iOS theme on your WhatsApp then you can show it to your friends and make them amazed. For this, you are required to download a small them file, which is less than KB.

This is a. The first one that is given below is the regular iOS theme and the other ones are modified iOS Theme for Android with Dark Mode enabled and also slight elements Accents color change variations. Update: A lot of people were complaining that the iOS theme file is not working. This happened due to the recent update to RCWhatsApp layout. We have replaced the Theme file with a new one with newer options and this will work for sure.

Download the theme with the first link to get exact iPhone WhatsApp experience in Android. It has the detailed step by step instructions to get iOS WhatsApp theme installed in your device.If you are a user who loves customisation and bored with the same user interface of WhatsApp then today we have something which will help you a lot. If they are bored, with the same green user interface, they can change the interface using YoWhatsApp. If you are looking for something new and amazing with the material design, then this is the best time to get rid of those ugly green teal colour.

WhatsApp was release inand there are a lot of features which are recently coming in WhatsApp. If you look into WhatsApp features, then you will notice that the features such as Pinning chats and delete messages for everyone were introduced in WhatsApp. If you are a beta user then only you can enjoy this hidden feature on your WhatsApp. If you are not a beta user, then you need to wait for sometime for public release to enjoy the features of WhatsApp.

There is a way which will help the users to enjoy these feature on their WhatsApp. The name of the application is YoWhatsApp. As we have previously discussed that WhatsApp was launched in There are billions of users who are using WhatsApp in their daily life. We always use WhatsApp to send the images, videos and audio files. If you will look at the new features of WhatsAppthen you will see they have released the payments features. If you have someone, you love the most you can send money to your friendsand there are no processing fees associated.

No matter if the person is educated or not you will find WhatsApp on their phone and this is what makes WhatsApp as one of the best application. If you are a designer and want to design your own WhatsApp theme, then this is the time where you can create your theme and share with your friends and show your skills. There are hundreds of mods which are available for WhatsApp.

yowhatsapp themes xml

We all know that GBWhatsApp is the application which is been used by millions of users, but if you have a low-end device, then you will find some glitches in the app. There are translations available. You can use YoWhatsApp in your mother tongue, and this feature is not available in any mods of WhatsApp. There are some features which you can enjoy on YoWhatsApp. Once you install this mod of WhatsApp, then you can enjoy a lot of new features of WhatsApp. If you will read the post, then you will see that we are using a keyword called as package name so that you can easily install YoWhatsApp without any problem or issues.

If you are using YoWhatsApp with package name com. You also need to make sure that you have not install clean master before installing this application because sometimes clean master cleans the deleted app files.

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Download YoWhatsApp [ YoWhatsApp is the application which is full material designand there are smooth animations, and there are hundreds of other features which you can enjoy. YoWhatsApp is built by Yousef, and he is adding different types of features in this application which helps the users to enjoy new mods and much more. If you want to freeze your last seen then YoWhatsApp is the application which will help the users to freeze the last seen.

You can hide the blue ticks, second ticks and much more there are different types of privacy mods available in YoWhatsApp. This is the not YoWhatsApp official website and it is not affiliated with Yousef and you can download the application for free. There are a lot of users who are facing problems in installing YoWhatsApp on their phone because the installation way is changed in Android 8. If you are good at theming, then you can also theme your YoWhatsApp, and after theme, you will get an XML file which is having all the theme settings.

If you are modding WhatsApp by decompiling it, then you can also use this XML file to theme your WhatsApp, but you need to make sure that you know the proper way of compiling and decompiling WhatsApp.The most amazing feature by which we like GbWhatsapp is multiple themes.

There are millions of themes available in the library of GbWhatsapp that choose one form theirs. You can change theme sideways to your mood. Multicolour themes or dark colour themes make your app look very dashing or stylish. You can also customize themes as well. The process of theme installation is very easy. You can search for specific by choosing random form the library.

The following are the steps to install a theme. That is present in the three-dot menu on the upper right corner. Step 2: Locate for the option Download theme, here you can view all the themes. Step 3: You can also search for a specific theme. The search option is also available on the upper right corner.

Step 4: If you have chosen a file then download and install it. Make sure to restart the app after you apply the theme, to make it apply successfully. Deletion If you want to delete the theme. Themes play a very vital role in the customization of Gb WhatsApp.

YoWhatsApp APK 8.26 Download Latest Version [Anti-Ban] in {2020}

There are multiple themes available in the library, you can choose from them. Girly themes are also there and you can customize them also. If you are a game lover you can also search for your own choice. As there is no dark theme available yet on the original WhatsApp. You can apply the dark theme from the library. Themes make the app look very much stylish. If you have installed a new theme and applied it. Your settings will remain the same as you have chosen.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Installation The process of theme installation is very easy. Go to the settings Press the clear button You will reset to the default theme.

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Black Mirror Blue. Thanks Meter : Join Date: Joined: Apr This app is now becoming the primary smartphone application. But, the WhatsApp does not come with all the features that people expect. YoWhatsApp is one such kind. YoWA is the modded version of the WhatsApp, which comes with some extra features that are not available in the standard version. Check out the features below!

We are not counting the classic Chat, Call, and the Status as the main features here. The privacy has utmost priority in the YoWhatsApp app.

Download Whatsapp Plus and Themes to make Whatsapp Attractive

Also, it has a Blue Tick Disable option that prevents others from seeing the Blue Tick on the messages they send you. Not just that, but the online status that people see when you come online can be disabled too. You can set any date or time for last seen status.

There are tons of fantastic chat features. Also, the chat screen customization option is fantastic to change the UI. You can change the themes, backgrounds, icons and much other stuff. The quick messaging, bubble style messaging, group chat, group calls, and many other exciting features are attracting users to use YoWhatsApp instead of the standard version. The ability to send images at once is not available on WhatsApp. YoWhatsApp will let you do that. Also, the Chat lock is a new feature that allows you to create a passcode to access the chats of your contacts.

Usually, you can put a second video status in WhatsApp. But, YoWhatsApp let you put a video status up to a length of 5 minutes. But this is not the end. The app has been taken over by a new developer. Instead, there is something more.

yowhatsapp themes xml

This is a cool feature that comes with the latest version of YoWA. I am pretty impressed with the new colors for theming the application. You can easily get rid of the annoying old UI; plenty of marvelous themes can be applied to the entire UI with just a single click. There are some new emojis that comes with YoWA by default.

You can send numerous emojis to your contacts without downloading from external sources. Download from the link given below, and install it like normal APK:. It is a wise decision to ditch the WhatsApp and get a modded versions like YoWhatsApp to gain much more access and some unique features. Do share this post with your family and friends, so that they can get the benefits from it too.

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What is the latest version? Because I have installed version 7.WhatsApp themes is the most wanted feature among WhatsApp users. While there are many things to love about WhatsApp, a lot of people feel like there should be a little more customization options.

In this guidewe will tell you how to change themes in WhatsApp. Read ahead to know more about changing WhatsApp Themes. WhatsApp is probably the most used Android app in the whole world, at the moment. According to a recent statistic, WhatsApp is being used by 1. Now, we all can understand why Facebook invested so much in purchasing WhatsApp — an app that literally made no money.

The app hardly has any downtimes. There are no ads. Plus, almost every single person you know will probably have a WhatsApp account. Even though there are a gazillion apps out there with a lot of flexibility and features, nothing can and ever will come close to the success of WhatsApp. While there are many things to love about WhatsApp, there are a few downsides too.

First and foremost is:. Yes, WhatsApp is simple. Yes, WhatsApp is clean.

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Yes, WhatsApp gets the job done. We get it. All agreed. But, how about a few customization options? We are on Android for crying out loud! That is why, today, we will tell you how to change themes on WhatsApp.

Since the official version of WhatsApp does not allow changing themes, we are going to have to look for alternatives. It is extremely customizable and comes with a lot of inbuilt WhatsApp themes!

You can download the latest version of YOWhatsApp by clicking below:. Download YOWhatsApp.El tema ha sido creado combinando colores negro y amarillo, con un aspecto muy visto y a la vez muy sencillo.

Si te gustan los videojuegos y en concreto el beat em up de Capcom, Devil May Cry, este es tu tema para YoWhatsApp, ya que tiene la elegancia propia del juego. Si eres un fan de la marca alemana de ropa y calzado deportivo ADIDAS, este es tu tema, ya que cuenta con un suave tono en rosa y el fondo con el primer logo de la marca.

Nieliton nos trae este tema muy sobrio que combina colores amarillo dorado, con negro. Estamos ante un tema oscuro que nos llega directamente desde Brasil. Continuamos con un tema minimalista que sinceramente a mi me parece espectacular y realmente elegante. Creado por Owais. PSPStation vive de la publicidad, nuestra publicidad no es abusiva para los visitantes. Por favor, considera deshabilitar tu ad blocker. S para YoWhatsApp 2. Me gusto este post, Gracias! Luis Rene Mas Mas. Utilizamos cookies para asegurar que damos la mejor experiencia al usuario en nuestro sitio web.

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